SunTrust Oil and its Partners have continued to reap the benefit of increased storage space at the Umusadege field. With about 110,000 barrels of storage space available, SunTrust Oil and its Partners were able to sustain the injection rate during/after production/injection outages during this period of under review.


SunTrust Oil and its partners have commenced gas lift operations on various gas-lift candidate wells with the commissioning of the Train 1 gas-lift compressor. The Train-2 compressor is expected to be commissioned in Q3, 2021.


Currently exporting through the Umugini Pipeline Infrastructures Limited (“UPIL”) and the Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (“NAOC”) export lines. Within the period under review, both export lines suffered several downtimes resulting in production deferment.


SunTrust Oil and its partners continued to ensure a peaceful working environment through strategic engagement with the various host communities and have continued to make progress with many of the various signed-off key developmental projects.

During the period under review, SunTrust and its partners commissioned the IPO road project and donated various items for use at a host Community’s Town Hall. Currently, other community projects are at various stages of completion.

Starter packs were also distributed to various individuals who have completed the 2020 Skills Acquisition Programme.