Corporate Social Responsibility

SunTrust Atlantic, through the management of the Umusadege Field in conjunction with its JV partner, continues to identify positively with the aspirations of its host communities while contributing significantly to national development.

SunTrust Atlantic just concluded the reconstruction and commissioning of IPO Street. The 1km road was constructed as part of the various signed-off key developmental projects for the host community.

Commissioning the IPO Road

 Through our CSR projects, we strive to make a difference through investments that provide lasting benefits for the host community. We have done this through proper consultations with the host communities to deliver the most appropriate programme for each period. Such programmes include ongoing scholarship schemes, empowerment programmes, environmental projects, infrastructure development, numerous health care projects.

Environmental Project

We have a firm policy of adhering to strict industry standards relating to the protection of the environment. SunTrust Atlantic’s policy to operate safely and to protect the environment has evolved significantly in the past few decades. Our emphasis is cleaner and safer operations. In line with our policy to always leave the environment better than we found it. We embarked on the following projects;

  • Construction of 1.5km interlock road in Umusadege.
  • Assisted flood victims during the flood disaster of 2012.
  • Construction of 500m drains system within Umusadege community.

Health Care Project

  • Staff quarter for Ogbeani Community Health Centre.
  • Construction of Maternity ward in Kwale Central Hospital.
  • Construction of Modern Health Centre for Umusadege Community.

Bore Hole Project

  • Construction of 16 manual bore holes in Umusadege Community.
  • Solar powered boreholes in Umusadege Community.

Educational Project

  • Provision of 4000 School notebooks for the host communities.
  • Construction of a block of six [6] classrooms in Umusadege community.
  • Construction of a block of three [3] classrooms in Ogbeani [Lagos Ogbe].
  • Provision of classroom desks for schools in Umusadege.
  • Awarded scholarships, and educational assistance to indigenes of the communities for post primary, post-Secondary and remedial programmes, from 2006 till date.

Empowerment Project

We have also maintained a cordial relationship with our host communities through some empowerment programmes. These were done through proper consultation with the host communities to deliver the most appropriate programme for each period. Some direct social investments on the host communities are as follows;

  • Employment of over 200 people (on an ad-hoc basis) by our contractors and sub-contractors, from inception to date.
  • Financial and moral support for host community’s festivals.
  • Provision of 9 Tricycles to Umusadege community to boost Mass transit.
  • Provision of one Toyota Hiace Bus for mass transit.
  • Provision of One Toyota Hilux Pick-up Van to assist with communal security.
  • Engaged over 98 youths (Males and Females) in various skill acquisition programmes.
  • Trained youths in bolted tank building.
  • Engaged over 40 youths in drilling operations since 2010.
  • Empowered all Age grades with running contracts (Youths, Ofashis, Inotus, CDC members and landowners) in the areas of fumigation, solid waste disposal, labour supply, minor contracts, clearing and maintenance of lawn etc.
  • Extended employment opportunities to the host communities (drivers, office assistants, safety officers, medics and Crane Operators).
  • Provision of starter packs [ hair dressers] to forty-eight [48] beneficiaries of the company’s skill acquisition programme in 2013.

Security Project

  • Provision of One Toyota Hilux Pick-up Van to assist with communal security.

New Opportunities Strategy

In line with our corporate goal to diversify our revenue stream beyond the current operations, we have identified various strategic actions/opportunities we are pursuing and can potentially pursue.