As part of our vision to become a leading oil and gas exploration and production company in Africa, we continue to seek expansion opportunities in Nigeria and beyond

Umusadege Field Development (OML56)

SunTrust Atlantic and its JV partner produced first oil from the Umusadege Field in 2008. We are actively working to mature other drilling prospects within the Umusadege Field towards increasing our oil production.

To enable crude processing and storage, SunTrust Atlantic and its JV partner designed, built and commissioned a state-of-the-art central processing facility (“CPF”) capable handling approximately 40,000bopd as well as a 110,000-barrel capacity tank farm to mitigate against downtime and production losses from pipeline outages.

The Umusadege Field exports crude oil via two export pipelines – TransForcados Pipeline, connected by the Umugini Pipeline and the AGIP Export Pipeline (Brass River Terminal).  The Umugini Pipeline, commissioned in 2014, is a 51.4kmx12” pipeline with a design capacity of 45,000bopd per day is co-owned by SunTrust Oil.

The JV’s ability to export oil from two independent oil export terminal significantly reduces the risk of oil production shut-in due to pipeline down time.

Niger Republic Oil Exploration Project – Tounfalis Block

A Production Sharing Contract was signed with the Niger Republic Government in August 2014 over a licenced area covering 3,791 sq km. Available geophysical data has defined existence of a graben (a depression flanked by parallel fault lines) with a limestone cap at a depth of approximately 3,000 metres.

SunTrust Atlantic has planned a 3D seismic survey and exploration drilling program of the Tounfalis Block.