SunTrust Oil and its Partner have continued to reap the benefit of increased storage space at the Umusadege field. With about 110,000 barrels of storage space available, SunTrust Oil and its Partners were able to sustain injection at a restricted rate due to the injection outages during the period under review.

Various well interventions are currently ongoing. When completed, the additional production from these intervention activities would help to sustain the approved reserve production capacity.


Both the Umugini Pipeline Infrastructure Limited (“UPIL”) and the Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (“NAOC”) export lines were unavailable during the period under review.

With the lifting of the Force Majeure declared at 1200h on 13th August 2021 in respect of Forcados offtake programme effective 1300h and 9th September 2021, we hope to resume injection to UPIL in the coming days.


SunTrust Oil and its partner have continued to ensure a peaceful working environment through strategic engagement with the various host communities and have continued to make progress with many of the various signed-off key developmental projects.

Currently, several other community projects are at various stages of completion.