SunTrust Atlantic Energies Limited (“SunTrust Atlantic”) and its Partners continue to suffer production activities downtime during the period under review. Various intervention activities scheduled during this period have been suspended due to storage constraints.


SunTrust Atlantic injection activities through the Umugini Pipeline Infrastructure Limited (“UPIL”) and the Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (“NAOC”) export lines were unavailable due to operational challenges. Although SunTrust Atlantic resumed injection activities to the FOT Terminal, however, vandals’ activities resulted in another shutdown of injection. With the progress made with the repairs, we are hopeful that in the coming days, injection to the FOT will resume.

COMMUNITY AFFAIRS SunTrust Atlantic continues to ensure a peaceful working environment through strategic engagement with the various host communities. Numerous signed-off key developmental projects, including road constructions and classroom blocks, are at various stages of completion. Plans are ongoing for the commissioning of already completed community development projects during the end-of-year programme at the field location.