SunTrust Atlantic Energies Limited with its JV Partner, (“SunTrust Atlantic”), is happy to announce the successful completion of the Umu-20 drilling project.

Umu-20 was spudded on February 6th 2024 and was drilled as a deviated well in the central east accumulation of the Umusadege field to a total depth of +/- 9,442ft-md.

A total of 331ft hydrocarbon sand pay thickness was seen by the well from 16 reservoir sands. 

The well was completed as a dual string multi-zone producer in three sands, with Sand XIII on the Short String and Sands XVI a/b on the Long String, with a total of about 92 feet of pay thickness.

Following the successful drilling and completion of the Umu-20 well, the rig is currently being moved to a new Umu West-West location, to commence the drilling of Umu West-West well. Umu-20 is the second well, while Umu West-West will be the third well in the planned 5-wells drilling campaign of the Umusadege Joint Venture.