SunTrust Atlantic Energies Limited (“SunTrust Atlantic”) with its JV Partner, (“SunTrust Atlantic”), is happy to announce the successful completion of the drilling phase of the Umu-19 Well (the “Well”) which was drilled in the central culmination of the Umusadege field and is in the downthrown section of the major fault block.

The Well represents SunTrust Atlantic’s ambition to fully maximize opportunities within the Umusadege field as it is the deepest well drilled in the Umusadege field till date. Two new opportunities were discovered in this fault block which have not been encountered in other parts of field culminations.

The Well was spudded on the 9th of November 2023 and was drilled to a total depth of 11,965ft, covering both development and appraisal opportunities. It saw a total of nine hydrocarbon intervals ranging from sand IIId to sand D0. Five of the discovered sands are appraisal targets which will be targeted as development options in the next drilling campaign.

Completion on the Well is ongoing and is being completed on sand XVIIIb, XXIII and D0.