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SunTrust Oil is on a mission to change the landscape of the Oil and Gas sector in Nigeria for the better.

Hi-Tech Central Processing Facility

State of Art Motor Control Center

Improving the efficiency of our operations in the oil and gas industry.

Getting involved in the community

We unfolded various community improvement initiatives to empower the people for better production, life-style and co-existence.

MCC Switch Gear

We pursue our core business of exploration and production of oil and gas using right combination of equipment and skill-sets.

Our operations

Umusadege Field Development (OML56)

SunTrust Oil and its JV partner produced first oil from the Umusadege Field in 2008. We are actively working to mature other drilling prospects within the Umusadege Field towards increasing our oil production.

Egbolom Field-Petroleum Prospecting License 202 (formerly OML 23)

Following a successful bid for the Egbolom marginal field (OML23) during the 2020 marginal field bid round, the Federal Government of Nigeria granted SunTrust Oil a 35.82% participating interest in PPL 202 (“Participating Interest”). PPL 202 is jointly held by SunTrust Oil, being the licensee with the largest participating interest, and four others.

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We operate in a number of locations in the Gulf of Guinea with our main focus of operations in Nigeria. To find out more about our operations click on the button below.

Engineer checking a panel and on a walkie talkie

Our Responsibilities

SunTrust Oil is committed to being a responsible company, committed to the development of the communities we work in, and protecting the environment around us.

Investor Information

Find out more about developing partnerships and investing in SunTrust Oil. Read our corporate reports

What makes SunTrust Oil different?

At SunTrust Oil, we pride ourselves in living our philosophy of innovation, excellence, and respect for the environment and communities we work in.

We foster a good working environment where every colleague is a valued member of the team as we believe this is good for business.

Partnership Opportunities

At SunTrust Oil, we are always looking to develop long-lasting and fruitful partnerships with like-minded individuals and organisations to develop the oil and gas industry in Africa.

If you share our vision, why not get in touch today.

Careers at SunTrust

At SunTrust Oil, we believe a highly skilled workforce in a conducive work environment that promotes and rewards continuous learning, will facilitate the achievement of business goals.

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